Responsibility, Ethical Control and Unobtrusiveness: The Aspects of Grace Applied To The Costing/Pricing System By The Discount Mechanism

Grace is not just some high minded niceness, it is also Wisdom which is the best and most complete integration of the practical and the ideal which means it is highly aware of the human proclivity for lying and out ethical situations like deception, counter intention to fairness, etc.

Hence it sees that the economic system is unstable and actually harmfully dominating toward most agents in it and so takes responsibility to remedy same. Hence it is unafraid to take ethical control of that system at strategic places in order to fix one or more of the problems (excess costs) in an unobtrusive way at the very ending point where costs are summed, and only at that place and time thus not interfering in the business’s own decisions about deciding upon its best competitive price. Finally, if it sees an enterprise breaking the rules of cooperation in an ethical system…it is perfectly willing to kick that enterprise in the ass continually and even terminally by denying the benefits of a system based on the aspects of the concept of grace.  Awareness that there is a rational end to patience after all is an aspect of grace.


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