Directness, Reciprocality and Immediacy/Continuousness: The Trinity-Unity-Oneness Aspects of The Discount Mechanism and The Concept of Grace

The discount mechanism utilizes a direct and immediate Gifted increase to individual purchasing power and reciprocal Gifting back to participating merchants. As the experience of Grace and the description of Time are the trinity-unity-oneness of:

[ (Space x Time)  <–>  Self Awareness ]

[ (The Moment x The Flow of Moments)  <–>  Consciousness of each Moment as Time Flows ]

Thus Directness, Reciprocality and Immediacy are reflective and analogous aspects of Grace, Consciousness itself, Consciousness of Time and The Cosmic Code:

[ (Directness/the Moment x Reciprocality/Effect of the Moment through Time)  <–>  Immediacy/Continuousness of Effect of Grace, Time and Consciousness ]



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