Costs, Time and Free Flowingness

In modern economies the rate of flow total costs/prices always exceeds the rate of flow of total individual incomes. Costs can equated…Time however will not remain still and so statistically it cannot be resolved. This is why general equilibrium is and always will be fallacious, and also why a mere statistical monetary equilibrium will not resolve the problem of Time.

Time is free flowing, Time is problematic in the economy, free flowingness through Time is the economic goal and it will not be the reality, unless policies having an immediate effect on the deepest and most relevant problems of the economy are implemented, including the lag effects of Time.

This is why a universal individual dividend is necessary because it continuously bridges and fills the time lag gap. But this is still not free flowingness. For that you need an inversion of the scarcity gap ratio so that the ratio becomes an abundance ratio of incomes to costs/prices in what I refer to as “the higher disequilibrium”. And that is why a relatively abundant dividend and high discount percentage are necessary.


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