Posted To Mish Shedlock’s Blog 08/30/2017

If we’d take adult, responsible, ethical and full and yet unobtrusive control of the pricing system with a universal dividend and a high percentage discount to the retail product of every business model we could costlessly boost aggregate effective demand and integrate price deflation into profit making systems. The only thing stopping it is ego-centric terminal orthodoxy. If one simply looks at the effects of such policies in a new unit of time without the subjective bias…enlightenment occurs.

And mind you, it will not be perfect, even with regulation aligned with the philosophy and policies of gracious control. Perfectionism after all is just another orthodoxy, but the increased systemic stability, business profitability and general individual prosperity resulting from these policies is literally a fait accompli of the new monetary and economic paradigm….so despite being habituated to doubt and/or cynicism never mind all of the fear and knashing of teeth…just look. It’s the way one becomes conscious and actually learns anything as opposed to memorizing, ego involving and regurgitating data and “facts”.


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