Monetary Inflation Is A Fiction

The operative cause of “demand pull” inflation is actually not the money itself, but rather human freedom of action to do so. The additional money is merely a stimulus for the latter cause.  The way to end both human action inflation  and the underlying and less observed cost push inflation is a high percentage discount to the retail product price of every business model that is rebated back to the enterprise which results in what has up until now been considered impossible, namely beneficial price deflation for all agents in the economy.

Libertarians run in the opposite direction from the solution in a confused conflation of the problem with a moralistic dictum “there ain’t no free lunch” when monetary Gifting is indeed the systemic solution.

Conservatives are so concerned to maintain the present elites positions of power cloaked in shaky moralisms as well that psychologically they end up becoming afraid of freedom.

Liberals would rush in where angels fear to tread with the equally inadequate flip side of half solutions and palliatives the conservatives offer.

The actual solution is to take adult, responsible, insightful and complete control of the pricing system with the graciously new paradigms of Gifting and its aligned policies.

New paradigms always seem absurd for most….right up until they prove to be the new enlightened truth. That’s history and human consciousness reality.


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