Grace: The Most Integrative, Pregnant, Inclusive, Encompassing and Basic Concept…and Reality In The Cosmos

Wisdom being the integrative process itself and Grace being the pinnacle concept and experience of the process of Wisdom, makes Grace the penultimate  concept which fully understood enables the combination/integration of opposites and literally everything else in a coherent and actually scientific way. The fact is that the unification of the mindsets of both science and spirituality results in the mental, emotional and experiential state known as Grace.

Again, it is the integration of both science and spirituality which is the key to understanding and experiencing Grace. Onlyness/orthodoxy is the curse of the cosmos because it lays down a barrier to/prevents integration and so the accomplishement of Wisdom and its pinnacle Grace. Indeed, everything is wholly a part of everything else, and Grace is its conscious unification and oneness.

Get knowledge, get Wisdom, get understanding and go with Grace.


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