The Cultural Inheritance Theory of Economic Value

Every creature inherits the earth and its bounty. It is their right as a living being in its quest to survive.  When animals come upon food or by its skills creates it do they stop and ask themselves whether they are worthy of it or worse do they deny themselves what enables them to survive and thrive? Of course not, they partake of what nature and their skills have made available to them. Likewise every human being is the inheritor of the cultural and economic wealth of work, skills, productivity and technical and mental capabilities of those who came before them, and should not in any way feel ashamed or be blamed for receiving such inheritance. The correct stance is benevolence toward the individual and their rights as inheritors, and genuine appreciation of that inheritance by the individual and a responsibility to uphold and/or increase that heritage.

And the new primary paradigm and policies of Direct (to the individual and enterprise) and Reciprocal (individual appreciation of and responsibility to contribute in any way constructively) Monetary Gifting is the concept and expression of this theory of value.


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