The Slow and Fast Tracks

Thinking through all the theoretical underpinnings of the economy and deciphering the fallacies and stupidities there is indeed complicated. Looking at the dominating business model in the economy and how that is paradigmatically accomplished, the inevitable and increasing trends that innovation and AI will have on aggregate demand and committing at least two neurons to the ethical problem of the aforementioned dominance….is the fast track to the 5000 year old need for a new monetary and economic paradigm. Then all one needs to do is actually look at the workings of the economy and decipher the most intelligent, rational, pragmatic and ethical ways to integrate the new paradigm into same.

Finally, one need not fear the consequences of a new paradigm because historically a new paradigm is always such an obviously beneficial advance and resolution of longstanding and deep problems that every factor in the area/body of thought that the new paradigm applies to….adapts to it….not the other way around.

Please consider it.


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