Wisdomics-Gracenomics: Extended Policies, Temporal Universe Integration and The Transcendence of The Tyranny of Numbers/Accounting Identities

Steve Keen has macro-economically discovered what C. H. Douglas discovered micro-economically almost 100 years ago, that is, that the system is financially rigged to enforce the continual build up of debt. Social Crediters thought that equating total costs/prices and total individual incomes actually available to liquidate total costs/prices would enable flow, but that would just enable a static/statistical/momentary flow with a complete stop….and the temporal universe is free flowing, that is it continually Starts, Changes and Stops….that is it starts, changes, stops ….and RE-starts continually.  

And the extension of Social Credit policies in Wisdomics-Gracenomics enable  this latter free flowingness….and simultaneously end the necessary build up of debt in the process.

Finally, it also ends the tyranny of accounting identities in analyzing and trying to deal with the problem as well.


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