Everything Looks Crazy, Confused and Puzzling During Paradigm Changes

That’s why everyone can ask whether economics can be a science when the scientific discovery economists need to awaken to is that economics needs a new philosophy that aligns with a new paradigm….in order for it to become more scientific. And we could struggle with that realization for a hundred years because there are sciences, like physics for instance, which for over a century has stubbornly defended and utilized only the tools of science when in fact they are actually in the business of describing the much bigger and more enlightening thing, namely….a philosophy.

Beyond even philosophy, what economics and every other human system and body of knowledge needs is to realize that Wisdom (not religion) is the superior human mental discipline…..not science. Science, like food, is wonderful and absolutely necessary…and it resides entirely within the digestive tract of Wisdom.

Science is, or for the most part has become, a reductionistic process of the discovery of temporal truths and falseness only. Wisdom is the unifying and wholistic process of integrating only truths toward a greater mental thirdness-oneness which always lights a way toward better application of that thirdness-oneness in the temporal universe….which is the very thing economists/scientists are seeking. Puzzling then, that they rarely get around to utilizing it.  But then, science has unfortunately become the modern religion, and scientists and economists are generally cowed by that fact.

The signature of scientific breakthrough has always been the integration of the scientific method with an aspect or aspects of consciousness itself.  Disciplined consciousness/self awareness being the  tool of Wisdom.

Economics cries out for the perception needed for a new philosophy and a new paradigm. Integrating the scientific method with the mental discipline of Wisdom is the way home to such perception.


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