Posted To RWER Blog 08/05/2017

You’re right we need an entire new theory and understanding of how to address pricing.

The economy being utterly embedded in the temporal universe must reflect its process of starting, changing and stopping if it is to attain and maintain a continuous flow.

DSGE is flawed in that it assumes general equilibrium when the reality of modern economies’ most basic problem is a scarcity ratio of total individual incomes to total costs/prices. Merely equating that ratio does not resolve the problem because it only statistically/momentarily creates an equilibrium and so violates the process/free flowingness nature of the temporal universe.

What is required is to take adult, responsible and ethical control of the pricing system so that the scarcity ratio above….is inverted….so that the continuous reality is what I call “the higher disequilibrium” of total individual incomes exceeding total costs/prices. This will enable the economy to attain and maintain free flowingness and hence align with the nature of the temporal universe.


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