The Way To Erase the National Debt (and Other Beneficial Things As Well)

Implement the dual policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics which will distribute a monthly dividend to everyone 18 and older of approximately $1500/mo. and rebate back to every enterprise participating in the “retail product” discount policy of 40% or higher …all of the discounts they gift to the consumer.

Refund all bonds and securities owned by individuals back to them, and commit all moneys used to purchase such bonds by banks and other financial institutions back to them in the form of reserves only. Banks do not own the money they create out of nothing.

With the policies of the dividend and discount no significant inflation can possibly occur and in fact price deflation will be rationally, intelligently and thoroughly integrated into profit making systems, and the positive effect of a greatly reduced necessity to borrow by both the individual and by enterprise will have the macro-economic effect of stability and free flowingness in the economy for all agents.  Add Public Banking as a structural bulwark and cost saving device and you will have the complementary micro-economic value of thrift brought to Finance as well.


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