The Difference Between The Hegelian Dialectic and The Cosmic Code of Wisdom and Grace

Not to diminish it because it was and is a great concept, but the Hegelian Dialectic is merely about logical sequence. The Cosmic Code of Wisdom and Grace….is about everythingliterally. And that includes the process of Wisdom itself and Wisdom’s pinnacle concept Grace which is the utterly integrated/integrative experience every one of the world’s wisdom traditions point at and describe. It’s also the formula for the scientific method itself, the signature of good open minded science and the formula of every scientific breakthrough as well which is an integration of the scientific method and an aspect or aspects of consciousness. In fact The Cosmic Code describes and illustrates the very basic actions of consciousness itself.

[ (Reaching x Withdrawing)  <–>  Consciousness ] —–> Temporal actions of consciousness

[ (Create x Uncreate) <–>  Consciousness ]  —–>  Internal actions of consciousness

[ (Create x Create)  <–>  Continuously Create ]  —>   Unitary flow of consciousness

But again, The Cosmic Code is not limited to all of the grand mental and unifying things of Life, it’s also the manifested pattern, description and formula for every mundane, normally unobserved or missed object, experience, problem, solution and process…..and how they can be transformed into new, vibrantly now and continuously conscious experiences instead of the nothingnesses almost everyone more or less assumes they are.

And that’s a much greater and personally valuable thing than all of the wonderful knowledge, science and philosophy that The Cosmic Code also describes.

The Cosmic Code of Wisdom and Grace: The New Theory of Everything


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