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************************Libertarians and damned near everyone else these days are so dip shittedly hypnotized by orthodoxy of one stripe or another you’d think there was a church on every door step instead of every block or so. Do I advocate for only science? Hell no, science is almost as afflicted with orthodoxy as anyone and everything else.What about the thirdness of Wisdom and the oneness of its pinnacle concept of grace though?  Do I advocate for religion? Oh Jesus no, one obsessively contending duality is no better than any other. But if we contemplated the philosophical concept of grace, some of the aspects of which are the essence of tolerance of other people’s beingness, opinions and culture, personal mental freedom and a kind and ethical rationality and if applied to our economic system abundance, stability and sustained free flowingness….maybe we’d be a little less asshole opinionated, prosperous and peaceful.

Wisdomics-Gracenomics: The New Integrative Economic Theory


It isn’t the state that will “wither away”, it’s the dominance of Finance. And that is why the natural philosophical concept of grace as in monetary and economic Gifting is the new paradigm necessary to be integrated into the debt based money and digital pricing systems. And of course all of the other aspects of that concept will apply to and will need to be aligned with every other facet of economic theory and regulation thereof….as has always been the case with a paradigm change, i.e. everything adapts to the new paradigm…not the other way around.

To reject Wisdomics-Gracenomics is to have absent or incomplete mental integrations likely on several subjects/bodies of knowledge. Sorry, grace is complete integration and continuous integrating, and the rational consideration of morals, i.e. ethics.


Arguing over the true points and fallacies of economic theories is largely irrelevant once it is realized that continuous borrowing is REQUIRED in order to keep the economy’s nose above water. The actual problem is with the money system and its enforcement of its paradigms of Debt and Loan Only. And this is why monetary Gifting intelligently integrated/saturated into the economy is the new paradigm. Guys like Steve Keen and Michael Hudson, and people like Ellen Brown all recommend policies and reforms that perfectly echo and reflect individual fragmentary aspects of the concept behind the new paradigm of Gifting and so are not fully aware of the concept itself. Their investigative perspective is only from economics and is only about reform. Being educated on economics largely by Keen and the few remaining advocates of the theory of Social Credit and then integrating my adult studies of philosophy and the world’s wisdom traditions into the analysis has enabled me to fully flesh out the primary concept behind the new paradigm and develop and extend the where, when and how of the specific policies that will end Finance’s current tyrannically dominating paradigms, and so free both the individual and enterprise as well as the entirety of profit making systems.

This is Wisdomics-Gracenomics.


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