Living Ecologically In A World of Monetary Abundance

The wise life is a dynamic balancing of opposites and contemplation of the aspects of Grace, most especially those of Love, Beauty, Humor, Pragmatism and Appreciation. Grace is the discerning of the necessary human truth of Love and Ethics in an apparently relative world. The beatific chains of Love and Ethics although occasionally burdensome are eventually understood as light and illuminating. So would be the process of learning to live ecologically in a world of monetary and economic abundance.

[ (Monetary Abundance x Innovation And AI)  <–>  An Ecological Ethic ]  =  Sustainability

[ (Relative Abundance x Thrift)  <–>  Relative Satisfaction ]

[ (Individual Abundance x Enlightened Collective Consumption)  <–>  Balanced Resource Usage ]

Why not have a public transport system where one can play cards while traveling and employing a variety of stand up comics to suit one’s taste to enable you to laugh along the way.




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