Present Time, the Place Spirituality Has Always Said….

where God/enlightenment exists is never actually attained by the orthodox who regurgitating only what some “authority” said and/or their belief therein….either never actually look at, at all or only look at “through a glass darkly.”

So it is with economics.

Likewise you’ll likely never get to a theoretical Valhalla merely by dint of iconoclasm because objective truth and full consciousness free of bias and orthodoxy….can only be discerned by being in present time.

This is why way back in 2012 with my first book Money and Wisdom: The Way Out, The Way Home when I referred to my theory as Monetary and Economic Spiritual Synthesis Theory (MESST) ….I was spot on. Now I refer to it as Wisdomics-Gracenomics mostly because I thought it was a little more “catchy” and slightly less likely to be rejected by the modern religion of scientific orthodoxy and economic pretensions to same. Not much better though. Man is increasingly less in present time, and that is why he does not know wisdom, switches from one incomplete reactionary orthodoxy to the other without resolving anything and also cannot extricate himself from his own dilemma.

Present Time Spirituality….the thing Man has always required, both personally and systemically, and declares he most desires, but rarely gets around to until its too late.


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