Posted To Social Democracy For The 21st Century

You’re quite right about these (non or false) integrative types morphing into the alt right. They think they’ve found some kind of truth but it’s still just orthodoxy with a new label because it’s not an actual integration of the truths, workabilities and highest ethical considerations in opposing perspectives and the simultaneous deletion of the untruths, unworkabilities and moralistic considerations in same. I have debated the libertarian/Austrian types online for the last 10 years and unfortunately you couldn’t change the mind of 99% of them with a phaser set at disintegrate to their temple let alone with mere words. The world is beset by rigidly opposing dualities and most have neither the willingness nor the ability to think in terms of third alternatives despite the fact that the signature of Wisdom and scientific breakthrough being thirdness and greater oneness. My Wisdomics-Gracenomics is a true integration of Keynesianism and Austrianism in that its policies seamlessly integrate what these types hold onto with terminally grasping orthodoxy and unwillingness to combine, namely the necessary additional monetary stimulus of Keynesianism and the desire for price deflation of Austrianism.


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