Sure Fire Sign…

…of the necessity of a paradigm change is you can’t agree on anything (healthcare) and nothing seems to work right or resolve (the economy).

Before the Copernican helio-centric paradigm change Ptolemy had it figured out….but not quite with epicycles. Astronomers couldn’t agree on or figure out how to fix the anomalies in the heavens.

Finally Copernicus formulated the helio-centric hypothesis, about a hundred years later Galileo discovered that Jupiter had moons, Kepler identified ellipses and epicycles disappeared as the swapping of primary position of the earth in favor of the sun was recognized as the truth. So Copernicus conceived the paradigm change….and Kepler sealed it forever as the truth and reality.

So will the perfect circle epicycles of neo-liberalism be replaced by the ellipse of Wisdomics-Gracenomics/the inversion of the present scarcity ratio between total individual incomes to total costs/prices into “the higher disequilibrium” of an abundance of total individual incomes in ratio to total costs/prices via the “retail product” discount/rebate policy. And so the dominating position of finance and its equally dominating paradigms of Debt and Loan Only will swap positions with the new primary monetary and economic paradigm of Abundant Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.

Here are the analogous paradigm change figures:

C. H. Douglas-Social Credit/Copernicus, Steve Keen-De-Bunking of Neo-liberalism, Michael Hudson and Ellen Brown-Focus on Financial and Banking reform/Galileo and the final piece of the puzzle to bring about and solidify the reality and truthfulness of the paradigm change…Steve Hummel-Wisdomics-Gracenomics-Abundance Ratio-Ellipses/Kepler.

And here is the above Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process expressed in The Cosmic Code:

[ (Copernicus x Galileo)  <–>  Kepler ]

[ (C. H. Douglas x Keen, Hudson & Brown)  <–>  Steve Hummel ]

[ (Social Credit x Financial/Banking Reform)  <–>  Wisdomics-Gracenomics/Fully conscious identification of the exact Philosophical concept of the paradigm change and its complete policy alignment/integration into the micro-economy so as to saturate it with the new paradigm ]

This last (Wisdomics-Gracenomics) is the truest and completest recognition and enabling of the paradigm change because a paradigm change is always a meta breakthrough not simply reforms or critiques, and also because the study and application of Wisdom, which is the closer and more discerning look, enabled me to extend Social Credit philosophy and policies to better integrate and saturate the micro-economy with the new paradigm. 

Proof of this is that all others before me utilized and recommended only incomplete and fragmentary policies, and only structural reforms, even though they looked at the correct area of the economy that was problematic (Finance/Banking) or their policies actually aligned with the new paradigm (a debt jubilee). This is because they never fully consciously recognized the exact concept BEHIND the new paradigm, (grace) the integrative process of bringing it to full consciousness (Wisdom) and the new paradigm’s full policy integrations/solutions (abundance, directness and reciprocality) all of which are aspects of the philosophical concept of grace.

The likely reason they did not fully cognite on the concept behind the paradigm is because grace is a traditionally religious term in the West and so they were not “going there”.  I went there because I recognized that grace was also a concept in all of the world’s Wisdom traditions and hence it was spirituality and not (necessarily) a religious concept.

Wisdom and Grace…that’s why its correctly called Wisdomics-Gracenomics.

And thankfully, with the internet it won’t take a couple hundred years for the paradigm change to be realized and implemented.


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