For Those Who Just Cannot/Will Not Countenance Free Gifting…

…try getting them to consider the fact that they are the legitimate heirs to our cultural heritage of technological innovation and productivity. Heirs inherit whether they’ve done a lick to deserve it and even if they’ve been a profligate or otherwise idiotic and undeserving heir. It’s a legitimate reality recognized by law.

And if they can’t see inheritance as a legitimate way of saving profit making systems and western civilization then just tell them, “Okay, you can let finance skim off all of the value of that productivity that is legitimately yours if you so choose, but when everything goes south I hope you don’t count on finance gifting you or even giving you your rightful inheritance back. I hope your misplaced moralisms keep you safe when the economic system and nation are descending into chaos, and you don’t regret not being wise enough to solve the problem when you had the chance.


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