The Dual policies of An Abundant Universal Dividend and A High Percentage Discount/Rebate, A Debt Jubilee and A Public Banking System Are The Essential Three Ingredients of The Solution To Debt

That is, an individual, corporate, city and state debt jubilee.  All are drowning in debt. A jubilee reducing that debt by at least 50% and then re-financing the rest of it through a public banking system at a rate of say 1% or lower would prevent the complete debt collapse of our entire nation. And then of course the dividend and discount policies would insure that debt will never build up again while freeing the individual, enterprise and the entire system from the tyrannical monopolistic paradigms of Debt and Loan Only.

This last set of policies (dividend and discount) are not just add ons, but rather they are the most essential keys to actually solving the 5000 year old dominance of Finance as well as preparing us all for the increasingly disruptive, inevitable and ecologically sane forces of innovation and artificial intelligence that will destroy aggregate demand at a rate far higher than they ever have before within a very short period of time. Even by themselves they are what will forever replace the tyrannical financial paradigms of Debt and Loan Only with the new primary paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting and everything else would adapt to them….not the other way around.

The Leviathan that Debt and Loan Only has become must be de-throned, de-toothed, downsized and made to take its ethically proper and smaller place alongside every other business model….not dominatingly and unaccountably above them.


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