Unfortunately Steve Keen Still Has His Mind Stuck At Least Half Way In The Old Paradigm

His “one off” policy of “a modern debt jubilee” goes against his own emphasis on dynamic flow. Secondly, his recent suggestion that part of the jubilee money be used by individuals as stock purchases that must be used to reduce corporate debt takes a somewhat closer look at the actual processes of the economy, but my ongoing high percentage retail product discount-rebate policy and abundant universal dividend much more thoroughly saturate the economy with the new monetary paradigm, and actually end the dominating and de-stabilizing necessity of continual borrowing for both the individual and enterprise. Hence they immediately end the 5000 year old  reign of the problematic business model of Finance and its monopolistic paradigms of Debt and Loan Only, and replace them with the new primary paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.

My discount policy integrates both the neo-liberal and post Keynesian perspective on pricing in such a way that all enterprise participating in it benefit, and individuals also via increased purchasing power from the discount. It’s integrative and economically encompassing of all factors in the micro-economy in an adult, responsible and unobtrusively gracious way. Wisdom can integrate the macro and micro, mere science isn’t conceptually up to looking directly and closely enough to do so.  That’s why I call it Wisdomics-Gracenomics, and that’s why I’ve been way ahead of the planet’s best economists for years now.

Keen has been inching closer to my policies ever since I ran the fundamentals of them past him many times 3-4 years ago, but even now they are scarce/sparse/discontinuous/less effective/less direct/merely structural and reformist/old paradigm versions of my logically and philosophically aligned with the new paradigm of grace as in Gifting policies.

Sorry. But my posts to him and my blog posts here are proof of these facts.


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