Approaching Death and Conscious Living…

…are both paradigm changes. Consciously knowing your death is imminent generally makes you focus on truly important issues and act as rationally and wisely as possible to resolve them. Conscious living is equally focusing because one has integrated and resolved the major personal issues they had and so they are free to act rationally and wisely.  In both cases everything adapts to the internal or temporal reality which transforms one’s new perspective on….everything. Every paradigm change is the same way. It changes everything in such a fundamental way that the entire area of life it applies to is transformed by the new paradigm reality.

In other words everything adapts to the new paradigm change….not the other way around. All you have to do is fully perceive and visualize the paradigm change. Then when its reality fully hits you, you know how to consistently live your life as well as align and regulate any systems it may apply to. 


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