Wisdomics-Gracenomics Looks Closer At The Economy Than Any Other Theory/Theorist and Hence It Has Developed More Effective and Beneficial Policies

No economist apparently looks close enough at the money and pricing system to realize that they are both digital and that money, not credit, will liquidate costs, prices and debt, and at the same time that a separate monetary authority could both balance the current monopolistic dominance of private finance and its paradigm of Debt Only by directly distributing a universal dividend and a discount to the “retail product” of every business model and so saturate the economy with a new primary paradigm of  Monetary Gifting.

It’s funny really. They (economists) are apparently too far off in three times removed abstract, mathematical and/or orthodox regurgitating fugues to look at the system as it actually is and operates in present time. Either that or they are too afraid (or amazingly even unaware) of the monopolistic dominating power of Finance to declare such.

This is how the two policies would work. There is a chronic, inherent scarcity of total individual incomes and so a costless gift of money that guaranteed a respectable level of income would correct this without being generated by the system and hence be the result of the inherently cost inflationary system.

“Retail sale” point of any business/product is an ending point and summation of costs and prices for any such products. Thus an utterly unintrusive direct and reciprocal monetary policy could be implemented at each of those points in time throughout the economy. In other words if a business’s product was priced at $1.00 and the discount rate was 40% they could sell it to the next business along the line to retail sale for $.60 saving the consuming enterprise 40%, and then the separate monetary authority would rebate all of their discounts back to them. This policy would both prevent any inflation and actually integrate price deflation beneficially into the economy. It would also increase the purchasing power of everyone by whatever the discount percentage rate was.


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