Posted To A Friend Robert Janecek 06/25/2017

Me: The money system is where the problem lies. We require both a structural and paradigmatic balancing of private finance’s monopolistic idea of Debt Only. A Public Banking system like Ellen Brown is suggesting would create a cost cutting structural balancing and, as my Wisdomics-Gracenomics advocates, a paradigmatic-ally balancing National Credit Office distributing the gifted monies for the dual policies of a universal dividend of approximately $1500/mo for everyone 18 yrs and older and a discount of 35-40% at the retail product sale point for every business model. This resolves the dueling liberal and conservative impasse by simultaneously creating much greater monetary and economic democracy and cost and price cutting that enables enterprise to thrive like it never has before. A new paradigm transforms whatever area of human endeavor it is applied to….because that is the nature of a paradigm change.

Economists and Politicians Are Trying to Solve An Un-resolvable Problem….
…because they never look at/get to the overlaying problematic business model and its monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only. Fix the problem existing there with a new primary and balancing paradigm and every other economic factor will tend to fall back into its proper place and significance.

Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting….the paradigm change that will transform and free the entire economy.

AB:  You don’t pay a damn thing towards health care in Cook County and your buddy Hummel has got a bunch of theoretical mumbo jumbo that has about as much chance of passing your state house and federal congress as your fat-ass has in passing thru the eye of a needle.

Me:  I assure you my policies are not “theoretical mumbo-jumbo.” That’s what 99.9% of economists are guilty of because they look at the economy from at least a once removed abstract way instead of looking directly at exchange as it actually and obviously occurs in the economy.  It then integrates both the fact of the Financial domination of the economy and equally the facts of the money system and pricing system being digital in nature into the graciously advantageous policies for both the individual and enterprise I advocate.

AB:  Well first its nice to know Steve Hummel speaks English.

Me:  Integrate the new monetary and economic paradigm of Gifting into the debt based money system. That’s the solution to focus on. Everything adapts to a new paradigm….not the other way around. That is historically true for every actual paradigm change. Get that single HISTORICAL fact settled in your mind and you know the path forward, not because its magic, but simply because THAT’S THE NATURE OF A PARADIGM CHANGE.


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