The World Does Not Know and Does Not Value Wisdom

Wisdom is the integration of the truths in opposing perspectives and the simultaneous deletion of the untruths they both also have.

The orthodox conservative and liberal political viewpoints are soooooo boring that it’s incredible. Both conservatives and liberals are so habituated to their orthodoxies that they are apparently unable to integrate and so think/see a new thought.

Integration is not “mealy mouthed”, “poison pill” or any other form of compromise which actually prevent integration. Integration is an honest and intellectually purifying process. It is in fact a scientific process in this sense and yet it is more than that because Wisdom integrates the willingness and ability to consider and factor in consciousness and its aspects into the integrative process as well. Wisdom is the process of undoing orthodoxy, and the end product of that process is the pinnacle concept of Wisdom pointed at by every one of the world’s major Wisdom traditions Grace. Not an orthodoxy or dogma regarding Grace….just Grace as both/either a human experience or a systemic condition of a human system.

But the truth is both scientists and religious folk, and both political perspectives talk about Wisdom all the time, in fact they even preach aspects of the pinnacle concept of Wisdom, but they don’t really have anything more than a foggy or fragmented idea of what they are actually talking about. And that’s why they don’t actually DO any integrating. It’s extremely sad and frustrating at the same time.

Contemplate the process of Wisdom and its pinnacle concept Grace. It will prevent you from forever being an erudite dunce, an anti-intellectual populist crank or godawful demagogue.


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