Wisdomics-Gracenomics: The De-Hypnotizing Economic Theory and Policies

Economists have been off in abstract theoretical and mathematical fugues for a long time and have failed to actually directly look at the actions of commerce and the digital nature of the pricing and money systems. They have often criticized Finance, but they have failed to see Finance’s glaringly contradictory monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only as the exact, deepest and most powerful problem of the economy, and hence they have never recognized how to balance and resolve the problem, namely with a new primary monetary and financial paradigm.  Wisdomics-Gracenomics does all of the things other economists have failed to see and do.

Wisdomics-Gracenomics is the scientific bringing of the integrative process of Wisdom and so its deeply penetrating discernment to economic theory and policy.

Sit up and pay attention. Be prepared to become de-hypnotized and actually come into present time about the economy and the policies that will free everyone, free free enterprise and save profit making systems from themselves. You’ll still see all of the factors of economics, it’s just that you will now see them wisely and more fully.

The Successive Theoretical Process of Awakening To Wisdomics-Gracenomics

Markets do not clear hence General Equilibrium Theory is false. If you still believe in General Equilibrium get over it.

The deepest problem of modern economies is that the rate of flow of total costs and so total prices always exceeds the rate of flow of total individual incomes with which to liquidate those costs/prices. Hence continuous borrowing is currently necessary to keep the economy from going into a recession and inevitably into a debt deflationary depression.

Debt builds up because markets do not clear and yet Finance enforces its monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only on individuals and enterprise. Thus Debt/borrowing is the only way to increase the money supply, and yet Debt, even at 0% interest, incurs a cost to both enterprise and the individual.  Hence continuous borrowing/Debt cannot resolve the problem and yet in order for the economy to stay afloat the money supply must increase.

How to resolve this conundrum?

The monopolistic monetary and financial paradigm of Debt Only must give way to a new primary paradigm that does not incur a cost. The only monetary paradigm that does not incur a cost is a Gift. The new monetary and economic paradigm is Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting. 

Direct monetary Gifting to the individual is accomplished by a monthly dividend payment made to every individual 18 and older.

Direct and Reciprocal Gifting is accomplished by a direct discount to the “retail product price” of every enterprise to the next enterprise in the economic process through to the end point of the entire economic process at retail sale, and at every sale along the way every cent of the discounts given are rebated back to the enterprise by a balancing monetary authority specifically mandated to create and distribute such rebated monetary Gifting as well as the monies for the dividend policy.




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