Marxist, Scientific and Religious Ideologues Took The Hegelian Dialectic/The Cosmic Code…

…and made a dualistically contentious orthodoxy out of it instead of the flowing process that it actually is. They just dropped out the third and completing step and hence fell back into obsessive and egotistical contention instead attaining and maintaining the entire flow and process. Most scientists and orthodox religious advocates have basically committed the same crime.

Full consciousness of nature and its most basic reality of Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process, I have called The Cosmic Code and formulated as:

[ (A x Z)  <–>  G/C ]

And stated as:

A fully integrated (not just contended or reductionistically fragmented) oppositional Duality within a dynamically integrative, interactive gracefully flowing Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Consciousness-Process.


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