Grace: State and Process Itself/New Paradigm of Grace As In Monetary Gifting

The natural state of grace is a dynamically interacting, integrative conscious state and process and hence is a state of beingness and becomingness….at the same time. 

This human state/condition is logically aligned with any human system. Systemic grace/flow is the classical one economists are by definition seeking. So fully fleshing out the aspects of the natural concept of grace and crafting policies that perfectly reflect that concept is the first order of business.

As one of the fully fleshed out aspects of natural grace is freedom, that is free, free flowing/free flowingness, free as in a free and costless gift…and the continual build up of Debt/Cost itself and hence the de-stabilizing state of cost inflation is the nature of technologically advanced fixed capital economies….grace as in monetary gifting intelligently and thoroughly integrated into the economy is the new paradigm to replace the current dominant paradigm of Debt Only.

It will also be found that every other problematic aspect of our current economic problems…is also resolved by an aspect of the natural concept of grace.

As Wisdom itself is the very process of the integration of opposites, Science and Wisdom are polar opposite mindsets and the natural state of grace is the pinnacle concept, personal state and systemic condition of Wisdom, logically then, the integration of Science and Wisdom is the necessary pinnacle mindset integration necessary in economic theory….and every other human system and affair. 

It’s logical, wonderful, terrible for those who fear freedom, nonsense to those who would prefer orthodox rigidly exclusionary science and of course as a dead give away to it being the new paradigm….anathema to the dominant business model of Finance.


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