What An Independent Monetary Authority Could/Would Do For Everyone and the Country

Create a universal dividend of say $1200/mo. that they could distribute directly to everyone 18 and older
Set a discount of say 40% to the price of every product/service as it is sold from one business model to the next on its way to retail sale at the terminal end of the economic process and then rebate back to those enterprises…every cent of discount they gave to their customers so that they could be whole on their margins of profit and overheads.
So $1200 + 40% = a potential of $1680/mo x 12 = $20,160 /yr. per person 18 and older. Lets just say a husband and wife each make another $18,000/yr at part time jobs and that’s 56,160/yr. and if they work full time it’s $92,160/yr. There’s no inflation in fact with the discount policy deflation is beneficially integrated into profit making systems, which is something formerly thought impossible, and with the additional income from the dividend policy the economy is tremendously stabilized and remains in a state of free flowingness. Higher volume, higher profitability, price deflation, a continuously good investment climate, Finance no longer dominates every other business model and 96% of the general populace, unemployment is basically 0%, people have more leisure time and more income to enjoy it, they also have more time to discover self chosen positive and constructive purposes in addition to employment and of course the helping professions, the clergy and the government via public service announcements are able to make them more aware of such multitude of purposes available to them and assist them in adopting such.
Or we can continue to be held down and back by allowing the financial paradigm of Debt Only to rule us while that business model skims off most of the profit in the economy.
All you have to do is see it….and then keep on demanding it until all the pols on both side of the aisle…get the message.

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