Posted To Ellen Brown’s Forum Regarding Japan’s Form of Debt Jubilee 06/19/2017

Better to give everyone who has money in treasury securities or any other bond….their money back. Then they can place it in a bank’s or any other institution’s 0% bond, and then implement a universal individual dividend and DEFLATIONARY/HIGH PERCENTAGE discount policies to every business model’s “retail product” throughout the entire process of the economy….and their money in those bonds AUTOMATICALLY increases in purchasing power and value. And the systemic effect of this is a continuing reduction in the necessity of NEW and so increasing debt, and its costs.

It also enables banks to return to one of their legitimate functions….which is to be an intermediary of investment of already created money….instead of being the parasitical, dominating and ethically problematic business model it currently is.

As I have said here many times Public Banking is a key structural balancing part of the solution to the domination of everyone and every business model by private banking and their monopoly paradigms of Debt and Loan Only. But those ideas/paradigms must also be balanced by a new idea/paradigm that actually has the power to do that balancing, namely monetary Gifting. We CAN have both debt and Gifting effectively integrated into the economy. Yes Tim we ARE hypnotized and habituated to Debt Only.

The Banks control everything with their dominating power of debt/credit creation….by not allowing the entire system to be effectively controlled in an adult and democratic way by putting it in a state of free flow via the policies of a universal dividend and a substantial discount to prices.

The only reason monetary inflation occurs is because we don’t take responsible and beneficial control of it for both the individual and the individual enterprise at each of the retail pricing summation points throughout the entire economic process….by reciprocal gifting to a consumer with a discount and then back to the enterprise by a monetary authority other than banks. The most basic reason the economy slows is that there isn’t enough free individual income to keep it in free flow and a dividend solves that problem and numerous others (re-distributive taxation on the individual and enterprise, the bureaucracies associated with welfare, unemployment and social security for instance) IF the dividend is sufficient to do so.

We can still have a reasonable amount of new debt, but if the new paradigm of monetary Gifting is allowed to become the primary one…we can all progress toward increased abundance within a truly stabilized economy.


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