Any Fog Around Wisdomics-Gracenomics…

…is entirely the result of not first getting the definitions of Wisdom, Wisdom’s pinnacle philosophical concept Grace and the underlying concept/reality of Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process stated as: an integrated duality within an integrative trinity-unity-oneness-process…..fully cleared in one’s mind. 

Start by being able to see these clearly, and the rest is simply logic and continuing to look without reactively closing one’s mind.

Then, understand that both the money and costing/pricing systems are digital, that is $100 of income will cancel $100 of either loan balance or $100 of price. Then look DIRECTLY AT the the exchange of money for a purchase and realize that if an enterprise discounted its price to a consumer and then the enterprise was rebated back all of its discounts….that individual purchasing power could be increased by whatever percentage the discount was and AT THE SAME TIME prices reduced by the same percentage….and no more money would actually exchange hands….than if that same amount was exchanged….without the discount….which of course would not occur because there isn’t actually that much money free to liquidate that much production….without the discount and dividend policies.
Once you actually and accurately visualize the exact actions and their effects…it becomes a “no brainer” that these policies are the solution to our economic balkyness, instability, poverty amongst prosperity and the domination by Finance of every other business model and the general populace.
Look at it, look at it and keep onlooking at it until you see it!!!

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