The Cosmic Code/TOE: Inward Love and Outward Loving…At the Same Time

[ (Integration-Love as in Towardness)  <–>  Continuous Love as in  Towardness, i.e. Grace ]

Each and Every one of the aspects of Grace can be “plugged into” The Cosmic Code as an integrative/meditative/contemplative means of actualizing the concept and experience of Grace….or any other concept for that matter. For instance:

[ (philosophy x policy)  <–>  Integration of Thought and Action ] Flowing alignment of administration 

The Cosmic Code/An Integrated Duality Within an Integrative Trinity-Unity-Process IS a TOE (Theory of Everything) and its structure and reality is reflected throughout human-ness, mind, spirit, nature, mathematics, logic and on and on/in and out/in and in.

[ (Debt x Monetary Gifting)  <–>  Individual economic freedom and systemic free flowingness ]  The New Economic and Monetary Paradigm

[ (universal abundant dividend x relatively high “retail product” rebated discount)  <–> integrative encompassing saturation of monetary gifting into the economy ]  Policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics

[ (Body x Mind)  <–>  Spirit/self awareness ] Homo sapiens

[ Space x Time)  <–>  self awareness ]  Human state of Grace

[ (Father x Son) <–>  Holy Spirit ]  Trinity-Unity

[ “unintegratable” koan question)  <–>  satori ]  Oneness

[ You x The Other)  <–>  tat vam asi ]  Vedanta

[ (Microcosm x Macrocosm)  <–>  Cosmos ] Totality

[ (Faith-Confidence x Hope)  <–>  Love ]  Mental Components of Love

[ (Love x Action)  <–>  Grace-graciousness ]  Grace

[ (Truth x Oppositional Truth)  <–>  Wisdom ] Enlightenment

[ (broadening x deepening)  <–> simplification ]  Wisdom/Occam’s Razor 

[ (+ charge x – charge)  <–>  alternating electric current ]  Electricity

many, many other naturally occurring examples

[ (thesis x antithesis)  <–>  integration-synthesis ] Hegelian Dialectic

[ (1 + 2) <–>/= 3 ]  Fibonacci Sequence





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