Interpreting The Cosmic Code (Wisdom-Grace-Consciousness)

This, (A x Z),  is Wisdom-Integration-togetherness and also Love as Love is kind towardness-closeness, and

[ (A x Z)  <–>  G/C ]   is Love/Integration in action, i.e. Loving, Wisdoming, Grace-graciousness, bothness integrated and integrating, i.e. bothness-andness, thirdness-unity-oneness/trinity-unity-oneness-wholeness-dynamically interacting  (<–>) process.

Grace is synonymous with consciousness itself because it is the continuous height of Wisdom-Integration-Love, i.e. the height of integrating, i.e.  Loving, Love in action, and on an individual level continuous integration-integrating of Space-Time and self awareness is itself a trinity-unity-oneness-consciousnessdynamically interacting process:

[ (Space x Time)  <–>  self awareness ]

Concentrically one can expand the concept/experience outwardly to groups, systems, nations, the ecology, the planet, the cosmos and “conentrically” all the way to the quantum universe…..and then integrating both the micro and macro with The Cosmic Code of Wisdom, Grace and Consciousness…the union of micro and macro is itself both a bringing together/union of MUTUAL natures of consciousness and thus a Cosmic Consciousness.   

[ (tat vam asi x asi vam tat)  <–>  Cosmos-Cosmic Consciousness ]


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