Physical-Temporal Chaos Emerges From the Utterly Integrated-Integrative Grace-Consciousness of the Quantum Universe…

….not the other way around. And the scientific truth is that the quantum and temporal universe are always and continually interacting with each other which only underscores the fact that the cosmos is actually in a total and continual state of integrated-integrative grace….despite the chaos. It’s just that, causitively,  the physical-temporal universe is the epiphenomenon and apparent reality. The orthodox religious half understand, and modern pundits, mathematicians and scientists can’t or won’t confront that long, oft observed, wise and existential fact.

What the orthodox, whether of religion or science, fail to do is de-habituate themselves to the temporal universe with the superlative mental discipline of Wisdom. “Cleanse the doors of perception, and everything will appear as it actually is….infinite”, eternal and connected.  Look at the concept of integrated bothness…in process…no matter where you may find it and you’ll discover the new paradigm for economics and money systems.

[ (Cost x Gifting)  <–>  Economic Free Flowingness ]

c copyright 06/17/2017

Steve Hummel


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