Steve Keen Quote and My Wisdomics-Gracenomics

“Change, if it is to come now rather than later, will have to be driven by outside influences: by journalists and influential commentators like Kaletsky who now realize how barren the neoclassical approach is;

by a public far better informed via the Internet about the weaknesses of conventional
economic thinking than was the public of the 1930s;

by intellectuals from other disciplines who have long questioned the merits of neoclassical theory and can no longer be rebuffed when the
global economy wallows in a crisis that neoclassical economics completely failed to anticipate;

and by new students who, again via the Internet, now know that there are other ways to think about economics.”


Indeed there are other and higher more inclusive and complete mental disciplines and ways of thinking about economics that integrate both the scientific method and the intuitive mode of thought, i.e. Wisdom and Wisdom’s dynamically integrated/integrative concept known as grace.    


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