Austrian and Keynesian Unintegrated Thought and The Cosmic Code Applied To Them

Austrians react to market intervention and desire price deflation and Keynesians react to the lack or absence of it and settle for inflation targeting. What we need is an integration of the two perspectives by taking adult and responsible control of both ends of the monetary and costing/pricing systems so as to enable true free flowingness to the entire system. This is accomplished by inverting the scarcity ratio of total individual income to total costs/prices and making it an abundance ratio of individual income to cosstsp/prices via a relatively abundant (middle class income guarantee) universal dividend to everyone 18 and older and a relatively high percentage discount to “retail product price”.

Expressed in The Cosmic Code thusly:

[ (Austrian Price Deflation x Keynesian Monetary Inflation Targeting)  <–>  Wisdomics-Gracenomics Monetary and Pricing Policies ]


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