How Much of the Agendas of Both Parties That Wisdomics-Gracenomics Actually Accomplishes

Note: These are accomplishments that neither party on their own or even together has actually accomplished.

Democratic: economic and monetary democracy, ends rule of the business model of Finance, de-centralizes economic and monetary power by placing it into “the many hands” of individuals, brings the unimpeachable ethical force of the concept of grace to the economic and monetary system

Republican:  Frees free enterprise and modern free market systems from inherent instability and the enforced rule of same by the business model of Finance and its monopolistic paradigms of Debt and Loan Only, with a sufficiently abundant universal dividend and high percentage “retail product” discount to prices frees both enterprise and the individual of the unnecessary burden of re-distributive taxes for welfare, unemployment insurance and even social security, eliminates these government bureaucracies as well


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