What My Book/Theory of Wisdomics-Gracenomics Has Accomplished, Also The Cosmic Code

I have fully philosophically fleshed out the concept behind the new macro-economic paradigm of Monetary Gifting which old paradigm economists have no clue about, and which even the best economists like Steve Keen and Michael Hudson have only partially recognized.

I have also extended and expanded the policies that will enable a full integration of the new macro-economic paradigm into the economy’s micro-foundations so as to saturate it with that new paradigm actually accomplishing what DSGE falsely claimed to do and which the best economists have no real idea of or have decided is not  necessary and/or not possible.

I have also conceived of policies aligned with the new paradigm to regulate and head off human problems and the inevitable counter intentions that will arise even after the new paradigm has greatly stabilized the economy:

(extra 10% discount in following month if enterprise chooses not to inflate prices, definitive sanctions for breaking with alignment with the new paradigm, creation of Dept of Competitive Innovation and Increased Productivity with less Pollution and less Resources, along with the two primary policies of a universal dividend and a rebated “retail product” discount to prices, changing the concept of full employment to 20 hrs./wk and 20 hrs./wk of self determined positive and constructive purposes, also, creation of a cooperative effort by the helping professions, the clergy and the government to help make the general populace more aware of the many worthwhile purposes in addition to employment and to assist them in choosing which ones they would want to participate in)

Finally, I have discovered the very process of Wisdom, the levels of mental discipline below it and contained within it, fleshed out the ethic/zeitgeist/pinnacle concept of Wisdom itself, namely Love in action-Grace, and formulated the process of Wisdom in what I refer to as The Cosmic Code which is the most basic reality of the cosmos described as:

An integrated oppositional Duality within an integrative Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Consciousness-Resolution-Process

and formulated thusly:

[ (A x Z)  <–>  G/C ]

The Cosmic Code enables, and with contemplation accomplishes, what physics has alternately been trying to do/resisting doing for over a century now, and that is consciously integrate the observations and assumptions about quantum reality with Wisdom-Spirituality-the actions of Consciousness itself both of which reflect each other, thus completing a greater understanding of nature/the cosmos itself. The Cosmic Code is the reality of TUOCRP and in essence the undiscovered/partially understood paradigm….of the cosmos itself.

That’s big, much bigger than even it being the new economic and monetary paradigm, but I stand by it.


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