Ellen Brown’s Article Posted To Her Google Forum 06/11/2017

Good analysis except it still has liberal orthodoxy in it that demand pull inflation will not occur and so de-stabilize the system. That plus it still dwells within the current paradigms of individual monetary scarcity, indirectness of monetary policy and markets as untouch-ably Godly instead of individual monetary abundance, directness of monetary policy to both the individual and enterprise and markets transformed by Grace as in Loving and active policy….the failure to recognize and implement the latter of which will only perpetuate the control of the system by Finance…..even if a Public Banking system is instituted.

Finance itself is what must be transformed via paradigm change.

Of course if we did implement the latter paradigms a Public Banking system would be a necessary structural and competitive bulwark against private finance ever rising again.

Ideas and even more so paradigms are the core of reality and of both individual and systemic power. Thus the paradigms of Wisdom-Integration and Grace-Love in action are necessary to balance the inevitable counter efforts and counter intentions that will arise within Man who is only nascently conscious of himself and of the necessity of ethics. Thus the integrative new paradigm Theory of Wisdomics-Gracenomics is necessary to awaken to.


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