Posted To The Magazine Evonomics 06/04/2017

The income guarantee should not be basic, but rather relatively abundant. It must also be DIRECTLY DISTRIBUTED NOT funded via RE-DISTRIBUTIVE taxation. Also, the real problem is that we have lost sight of the fact that the business model of finance has been allowed to dominate and manipulate every other business model and probably 96% of the general populace with its’s monopolistic monetary paradigms of Debt and Loan ONLY. These monopoly paradigms are curiously contradictory in what is considered a competitive free market system. So don’t be an idiot orthodox socialist and advocate re-distribution and don’t be an idiot orthodox capitalist and overlook the glaring monopoly paradigms of Finance. If anyone wants to deeply understand the philosophy and policies necessary for the West to survive and thrive they can read up on the new integrative theory of Wisdomics here:


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