A Timely Integrative Mental Convergence

I will take credit for being reasonably intelligent, but do not pretend to be an intellectual genius. If I have any claim to genius it is in my integrative mindset specifically regarding economics, money systems and natural spirituality. The convergence of these bodies of knowledge in my mind is what has enabled me to perceive and elaborate on the new paradigm in economics of Monetary Gifting and to craft the theory of Wisdomics-Gracenomics which is a philosophical and policy extension of the giant C. H. Douglas’s theory of Social Credit, to discover the very process of Wisdom itself and to formulate The Cosmic Code which is a basic model for advancing any body of knowledge, for the process of personal development itself, for the process of acquiring Wisdom itself which is a higher order mental discipline than science and yet which contains the scientific method within it, and finally for the most basic reality of the cosmos, that is:
An Integrated Duality Within an Integrative Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Wholeness-Consciousness-Process.
That’s a pretty big list, but I stand by it because successfully integrating opposites to the point of thirdness-oneness has historically always been the signature of Wisdom, of Wisdom’s pinnacle concept and experience grace, of the discovery and experience of self awareness itself, of scientific breakthroughs and of true and actual paradigm changes.
When in doubt…Integrate! ….and keep on integrating!

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