Everything and Everyone Adapts To A Paradigm Change…

…not the other way around. This is the final nail in the coffin for the old paradigm and anyone who refuses to look at or is unable to see the new paradigm. And it’s always an integration of the old and new paradigms that raises our consciousness and creates a system/condition of thirdness-greater oneness-wholeness-freedom-choice-presence/consciousness of self and process.

Refusal to look, refusal to adapt, refusal to come into present time is the bane of the orthodox who in each of the paradigm changes below said:

Hunter-Gather Societies to Agriculture

“You can’t just stand still and survive. Everybody knows the world is graciously abundant, but you have to go to where the food and game are. You can’t stay in one location and reflect because it’s self centered. You’ll die, you’ll look like a complete fool and everyone will laugh at you!”

Gutenberg Press

“A printing press means nothing! Think of all the monks you’ll put out of work, and besides people can’t read anyway! How will people adapt to the increased abundance of information? They’ll probably just sit around and read and nothing will ever get done then! Don’t be stupid!”


Everyone knows (and  fears) that the Church is the only way to obtain God’s Grace! Don’t pay any attention to, don’t look at what those people who want to be free to worship God as they so chose are saying!”

Now/The New Paradigm of Monetary Grace As In Gifting

“You cannot take gracious, adult and responsible control of the costing and pricing system so that both the individual and enterprise benefit and prosper from the increased abundance! Looking so that you might have an experience of presence is dangerous! Freedom and choice are dangerous! You must leave the market alone!  Even if not adapting means the very profit making system you say you espouse will disappear!”

“Scarcity is safe, abundance is frightening, adapting is hard and the monetary, economic and political authorities know best and have your interests upper most in their minds!

The New Paradigm of Scientific Spirituality

So don’t change, don’t embrace progress and process and whatever you do don’t even consider your own consciousness that’s the most unsafe….and the most unscientific thing to do!!!”


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