A Genuine Paradigm Change of Sufficient Depth Transforms/Resets Everything

And the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting is just such a sufficient and deep change. Finance’s monopolistic paradigms have dominated every other business model and 96+% of the general populace for like at least 5000 years.

Just think about how ripping out the intricately intertwined, enforced problematic burden of the ideas of debt and loan only and replacing them with the primacy of a new paradigm of Monetary Gifting rationally and intelligently implemented into the economy could relieve personal, national and international stresses and create societies of stable wealth and the leisure time to allow people the time and opportunity to find self determined purposes in addition to employment. Not only would the individual and enterprise be freed from the excessive parasitic costs of finance and the burdensome effects of unnecessary taxes, but people would have the time to create better community, to investigate the enriching effects of the arts, to solidify the loving ties of family, to think more rationally about ecological issues and to hold their political representatives accountable for continuing to create an even more free and humane society based on the idea behind even the idea of Gifting,  the natural philosophical concept of Grace and all of its beneficial aspects.

Apply Wisdom and Grace to the economic system and contemplate Wisdom and and the natural personal experience of Grace and you’ll be smarter and more competent than you ever were before, “you’ll never put a foot wrong” and everything will change for the better.


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