Wisdom: The Discerning Closer Look

I’ve never liked American foreign policy, mostly because I believe it is driven behind the scenes by advanced Finance Capitalism and their enforcement of economic austerity/instability/unworkability which in turn makes modern economies have to pursue the build up of war machines and imperial foreign policies to keep from spiraling down into recession or depression.
Having said this it doesn’t mean that I have any illusions about other world powers/leaders like Putin whose financially oligarchical government clique and heavy handed fascistic domestic policies are equally addicted to power and advantage.
I think that the Trump administration has fallen for its own third rate populist intellectualism regarding the government being the problem when Finance and its dominating and manipulating power co-opting the governments in both countries is the actual problem. Consequently they are unable to see the real why and so balance their actions.
If there was ever a need for Wisdom and its penetrating discernment of the real problem and its integrative solutions this is it. My theory Wisdomics-Gracenomics and its policies are what can begin the real resolution to these problems.

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