New Idea For The Discount Policy

Competition among enterprises is a legitimate factor in keeping costs and prices down. However, there will always be the temptation to inflate prices especially as abundant demand is prevalent in the economy. To combat this possibility I thought the following addition to the retail product discount policy would be a positive and balanced extension.

Offer the routine discount, say 30%. Then, if the enterprise does not raise its prices over last months’ they get an additional 5% discount rebate. No one will be penalized for legitimate additional costs of course, but all enterprises will submit to rigorous examination of their books in exchange for all of the numerous benefits of participating in the discount policy, and just as an incentive to encourage honesty and the preservation of a more ethical system for all, accounting fraud as well as suborning same by any member of management would be made a class 1 felony. After all, Wisdom is integration, and integrating encouragement to profit and punishment for anti-social behavior toward such system would fit that category perfectly.


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