The Problem With Interest Rates and Monetary Policy

They’re blunt, indirect and hence ineffective, and they are also (consciously or unconsciously) protective of Finance’s monopolistic monetary paradigms of Debt, Loan and for enterprise, For Production Only.

The policies of a universal dividend and discount to the retail product of enterprise are individualizingly exact and direct for both the individual and for enterprise,  and also simultaneously encompassing of the entire economic process. Most importantly, they directly address and resolve the dominatingly monopolistic paradigms of Finance.

Implementing these policies would actually enable financial institutions to competitively set their own interest rates, and along with other rational and ethical regulations enable the business model of Finance to finally give up its dominance and take its proper and smaller place alongside every other model in the overall economy.

So which policies would be more consistent with free enterprise, more freeing of both the individual and enterprise and more ethical to use???? The no brainer answer of course is the latter directly distributive and actually resolving ones.

Sheeesh economists and pundits! Wake up and die right will ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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