Dark Matter, MOND and The Heightened Reality and Expanding Perception of Space In Extraordinary Personal Experiences of Self and The Temporal Universe.

Essentially the search for Dark Matter and MOND effects is explained by raised Consciousness itself and its heightened perception of space and the “things” in it, that is, photons, wavelengths, plasma, various forms of radiation etc.  that bodily senses do not have the ability to normally perceive, but consciousness being of such a high wavelength/integral aspect of nature/subtle reality that it is currently technologically unmeasurable, does.

The vast expansion and heightened experience of space, of objects and other normally unperceivables within it is one of the primary reported aspects of such experiences and therefore intuits unperceived “dark matter”.  And the search for such “matter”, while a perfectly legitimate endeavor,  the “normal” tendency to invalidate anything currently unmeasurable like consciousness and its ability to more sensitively experience, is really more a stubbornly religious and non-integrative indicator of scientism than it is legitimate scientific inquiry


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