Upon Watching The News

I watched a group of conservative and liberal advocates on CNN this AM discuss and acknowledge the truths on both sides of their seeming opposing viewpoints on politics and economics. This of course is a good thing, but there was still no discussion of how to actually integrate those truths, much less the necessity of same. This dramatizes the barely conscious awareness of Wisdom and hence the feeble willingness to apply Wisdom and Wisdom’s very process….as formulated by The Cosmic Code.  Such is the value and applicability of that code, that formula, that model for the intellectual understanding of Life….and even more importantly for the personal experience behind and within that code which is grace and its integratively personal and active form, graciousness.

Contemplate Wisdom and its pinnacle concept and experience, grace, and then apply that loving understanding and you will lose nothing of actual value, lose no knowledge of the world, how it works and how to effectively deal with it, and you will gain the deepest, most potent realization and knowledge that you will ever there after have….that is, that you actually are, that you actually exist and that cultivating that knowledge is the way out of the all too prevalent shallowness, purposelessness and obsessive contentiousness of modern life, and the way home to a life of immensely increased love, joyousness, personal productivity and personal effectiveness.


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