Wisdom, Consciousness, Intelligence and The Cosmic Code

One can be the smartest person on earth and still be a Wisdom and Consciousness dunce. Intelligence and self awareness are not synonymous, and neither is it synonymous with the willingness and ability to integrate oppositional information in ways that lead to new and greater understandings that actually resolve complex problems in more ethical ways.
Self awareness/Consciousness itself is probably the most neglected human state in a species which in reality is just beginning to become self aware. The mental process of Wisdom is integration, and the integration of its inward process of contemplation/visualization and its temporal process of simply looking and unlooking is that integration that best and most efficiently leads to the experience of self awareness/consciousness. We need a modern model for this integrative process and experience and The Cosmic Code is just such a model.
[ (A x B) <–> G/C ] The Cosmic Code
and the application of Wisdom’s process within that model:
[ (inward contemplation/visualization x outward looking and unlooking) <–-> the experience of self awareness/consciousness itself ]

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