Posted To A youtube Video Regarding AI

The advantage/benefit of AI replacing quantitative calculation type jobs…is that it will lead to those jobs which encourage/enable more contemplation….and free us to be able to be more contemplative as a species. Contemplation being the very process of Wisdom and the pinnacle experience of Wisdom being a gracious state of active self awareness….we would be both intelligent and wise to give people the guidance and structure by which they may attain and maintain such states.
We don’t need a universal basic income, but rather a universal ABUNDANT one….and only within profit making systems so that corporations will still compete for market share via price. Then we need to pour on both the cost efficiencies that AI will enable and make sure the business model of Finance isn’t allowed to fuck up these trends by promulgating greed and speculation.
The economic and monetary policies needed are dual. A universal abundant (middle class income guarantee) and a discount to the consumer of the retail price/product of every business model including retail sale at the end of the entire economic process…that a monetary authority is mandated to rebate back to the business that granted the discount…so that they can be whole on their margins and overheads.
AI is coming….but we need Wisdom even more…right along with it.

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